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Submit Your Encounter

Below is the (Anonymous Encounter) Submission form, it's fast and easy to submit here! You can also Submit an Encounter at..., here you can submit a written email Encounter or Voice Submissions, or Audio Evidence in (.MP3, and .WAV), small Video Evidence Files are welcome Too!

Don't forget you can leave a Voicemail Encounter @ 252-662-0321 however it is low quality audio and has a 3 minute time limit, so emailed audio submissions are preferred!

Please submit your encounter of a Cryptid, Ghost, True Crime, Time Shift, or Conspiracy. Please note, Submissions may be added to Encounters Written Section, Or Narrated Verbally in The Endless Expanse Podcast. If you would like to remain Anonymous simply use the Encounter Form below.... If you don't wish your Anonymous Encounter to be possibly shared. Please DO NOT Submit...

Encounter Form

Terms & Conditions.


Endless Expanse Website, and Podcast, may use this Encounter written or verbally reproduced, in the Website or Podcast. Please realize your Encounter may be edited for Continuity, Language, or Time.


We may like to contact you asking for more information, which we gladly appreciate to add more descriptors to the Encounter.

Click the box below Accepting these terms & conditions.

Thanks for submitting!

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