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A Truck Driver's Mysterious Trip

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Test Site Truck Driver

I recently obtained this encounter while speaking about another Area 51/Test Site Tale. The man said his name was “Ron” from Wisconsin. He told me he was an independent truck driver that leased his own truck. He was asked if he wanted to take a “High Priority” load to a Military installation in Nevada. I’t paid well and he wanted to head west to be on schedule for another pick up in a few days.

He headed to the yard for pick up, where several trailers of different types are waiting to be picked up. When he arrived at the yard there was a SUV with U.S. Govt Plates, awaiting at the trailer. There was an enlisted man and 2 men in plain dress. They asked him if he was from anonymous trucking company to take the load to “The location” in Nevada. He stated yes then was asked for his I.D’S and his company logbook. This was kind of odd but he agreed.

The other man spoke up and said we will need to do a search of your truck, check things over and have some paperwork for you to sign. While the 1st man was looking at his information, and taking pictures of his documents and his truck, he asked if he was in some sort of trouble. The man laughed and said “Nope just procedure for where you are going” this man then gave him a tour of the trailer. It was your standard 50’ Tractor trailer, hard sides, not a refer unit. But with extra locks on the back, he pointed out the There was tattle tale stickers and various lead sealed cable tags, similar to you power meter on the doors as well.

The man said under no circumstances should this door be opened. He then directed him back to the cab of his truck. The second plain dressed man came up with a non disclosure for him to sign, gave him a few phone numbers, In case of a break down this number, in case of accident, or if you are pulled over call this number, here is your exact route to take, here is your approved stopping and refueling points, and you will be staying overnight at Holloman AFB, where you will receive your next set of Directions.

The man reiterated to not stop unless it is at one of the preselected fuel or rest areas. He then said “We’ll know if you do”. Ron wondered while he was hooking up the trailer, and heading out of the lot “What the hell am I hauling?” and what does “Well know if you do mean?” Did they put a tracker or something on my truck? He didn’t want to start poking around his own truck to see if there was one.

He was worried the few stops he made to even leave the truck alone for a few minutes to use the restroom. He checked all the seals and locks on the door any time he walked away from the truck. He said he even started to worry about being high jacked or something on the few side shoot roads, that weren’t the main highway. At this point he was just glad to get to the Airforce base.

When he arrived at the Base and handed his documents to the guard, and a few minutes later an air force service truck pulled in front and the driver yelled to follow him, they drove in a ways to a repair shop with other big military vehicles. Once he parked, they took him to a local hotel down the road and said everything is paid for, we will pick you up at 7am out front. He was assured his truck would be secured, and refueled for him and ready to go in the morning.

He couldn’t wait to get some rest and sleep in a real bed for a night, although he had trouble sleeping worrying about the trailer. They picked him up at 7am just like they said, and offered to get him some breakfast. He did a drive through because at this point he wanted to get on the road, and get this load over with. They then drove into the area where his truck was parked and they all looked over the truck and trailer together.

They then handed him his new days allotted stops, reiterated that the truck has been fueled up. They also said don’t worry about the log, they would take care of it. I’m assuming because this leg of the trip was over the mileage or hours driven in a day, not sure how this works. After the long drive he finally arrived at a road in the middle of nowhere close to the town of Rachel, NV.

His GPS took him to the Entrance Gate at the end of this road. There wasn’t much to see at this gate a few small buildings and lots of chain link fences. He pulled up to the gate and even before he could say anything they directed him to a parking area, a guard came out and followed him to the area directing where to park. The guard retrieved his paper work and asked him if he wanted to take a break or relieve himself. Which he just did about a half hour earlier due to needing fuel.

The guard then explained to him he will have another long drive are you sure? He did since he had been driving so long and they had a restroom in the guard shack area. When he returned to his truck with the guard, another guard was cleaning his windows with a squeegee and putting on black out shades. Ron explained that these appeared to be vinyl padded covers precut to the rough size of all the semi trucks windows, they had suction cups and magnets to keep them in place. The guard next to him explained “We have a lot of High Security areas around here, These will block your view of anything” then he asked if the man applying the window covers, could look inside the truck. Then man spent about 10 minutes searching his truck and apparently disabling the GPS unit, or jamming it somehow.

They took his cellphone, logbook and license. and gave him instructions that he had about an hour and 20 min drive, they asked if he wanted a disposable urine bottle, which he declined since he had something similar. The guard said you will be following a security vehicle, and being followed by one. Do not stop, do not exceed 45MPH. When they stop, you stop, and DO NOT GET OUT OF THE TRUCK, THIS IS YOUR TIME TO TAKE A PISS IF NEEDED, WE WILL DISCONNECT THE TRAILER.

He got in the truck and it had a 12” by 12” cutout in the window coverings so he could just see the Vehicle in front, this was now a military vehicle and not the White SUVs, and security guard outfits the Gate Guards had. He travels always and noticed his Navigation System Had the “NO SIGNAL SCREEN UP” He drove what seemed like more than an hour and a half but said it was very boring and nerve racking to drive so slow and keep the Front guard in Ron’s little porthole he had to look out of. He assumed this porthole and it being night time when he was scheduled to arrive would keep him from identifying where he was spatially. Which it did.

They finally Pulled over near some warehouses or hangars, from what he could see while turning once on the road coming in. Someone came up and Yelled on the other side of his window that he TURN THE TRUCK OFF, SET THE TRUCK AND TRAILER, DO NOT EXIT THE VEHICLE, TAKE A 5 MINUTE BREAK IN THE CAB.

He then felt guys crawling on his truck and felt the suspension being offloaded from the guys obviously jacking the trailer up and pulling the 5th wheel pin. He then heard another huge diesel vehicle drive up, and could barley see in the reflection of the back window on the security vehicle it was one of those big front cab military trucks. He was startled again with another yelling at the window. YOU GOT ABOUT 1 MINUTE TILL WE LEAVE, The TRAILER HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED ,YOU MAY START YOUR TRUCK AND PULL OFF THE TRAILER SLOWLY, THEN FOLLOW THE VEHICLE IN FRONT OF YOU, DO NOT EXCEED 45 MPH. And so he did.

They returned to the main gate area, after stopping another Scare from yelling at the window to SHUT OF YOUR ENGINE AND SET THE BRAKE, PREPARE TO EXIT THE VEHICLE. A guard then began removing the window coverings, and he was back at the interior of the same gate he entered. The same guard from earlier motioned him to get out of the truck. He gave him his I.D. And logbook back, and the other guard from earlier again crawled around the truck and messed around with the navigation system again.

The guard then told him he had a motel room waiting in Las Vegas, and gave him the address of the motel. He then gave Ron 60.00 and told him to get a good dinner and breakfast. He reminded him about the Paper he signed, and said “you were never here." He pulled away and noticed his Navigation system was again working. When he pulled into the Motel he grabbed his belongings and settled in. Out of curiosity he looked at his drivers log book, and it was filled out with some different stops, and his final stop was Nellis AFB, which obviously wasn’t true, as he passed that long before the road leading the the Test Site Gate.

Ron was offered another one of these driving gigs about a year later and passed on it. The pay was the same for all the extra hassle, and he didn’t feel comfortable worrying about what he was carrying, and the changed logs in his book.

I asked him why he shared this with me if there was a Non Disclosure he signed. He said “Well I figured since I’m long since retired, never saw any little green men, and they have now admitted Area 51 is a real installation I’m not too worried about it. “Hey man, we all want to know what’s really going on out there” “Besides do I look really look like a Ron to you?” Winked, and walked off.

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