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The Faceless Man

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

A midnight drive gets weird

This is a personal story from my past. It was around 2007 and I used to work the swing shift and get off about midnight. It was an off day in the middle of the week. I decided to take the long way home just to decompress after a hard day. I liked to drive around the lake and stop at the few look out spots to just enjoy being alone and away from the busy city. Look at the stars and stuff, cause it was the only area that had a somewhat dark sky.

After hanging out for about 45 min, I continued on my way home. It was pitch black other than the few street lights and building lights at a couple of the marinas, and ranger areas. I had just turned off on the main highway, it was your typical 4 lane straight boring road, still surrounded by desert. Probably a few miles from a small town in one direction, and a few miles to a casino that is by itself in the desert.

So after going down the road a bit I notice on the right side of the road, a man walking in the distance. I initially slowed down for two reasons at first to see if he needed help or was broken down, then as I got closer he gave me a weird vibe. He was wearing jeans and a black blank t shirt. And had long wavy hair. He was looking down so I couldn’t see his face. I thought it was odd he didn’t have a flashlight or something as it was pitch black out there.

As I got closer I was gonna lower the window but I had a weird vibe from this guy. I got into the left lane to give him some room. Right as I went to pass, this guy like does the arm raise, jolt out at me thing, like he would have sent boo! But the weirdest thing it he had no face, almost like he had a fencing mask, just black where his face was. I could see his neck, and hair. I didn’t see a strap or line on his neck like he was wearing a mask. I was only going maybe 25-30 miles per hour at this point.

This freaked me out so much I kept looking in the mirrors and even turned around to look out the back window. To see if he was walking in the road, or on the side? I swear when I looked he just disappeared. Like I could tell he was now facing me, and just dematerialized.

Now I’ve gone over this many times in my head, and try to think of some rational reasons for all this. He was in the middle of nowhere but really only 3 miles from a town or the casino. He didn’t have a flash light, but likely could see somewhat once your eyes adjust to the dark, but it would be hard to see through a mask. Then the face itself, I guess there are movie quality masks that like go down past the neck line on your shirt. Hiding the seam, but it looked like a fencing mask was like glued to his face. Could still see his ears a bit under his hair. His bit of skin above the black area where his face should be but before the hair line started.

Now as far as the disappearing, was it just running out of light as I passed, water stains or smudges or my rear window. It definitely made my hair stand up, either way it was some sketchy guy acting weird in the middle of nowhere, or a some sorta ghost or demon. Needless to say I didn’t go to the lake to relax at night anymore.

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